X Factor’s Sam Lavery’s Ex Has Spoken Out About Her Rumoured Romance

The X Factor contestant's ex boyfriend has dropped a bombshell about how their relationship came to an end, as rumours swirl that she's moved on with a fellow contestant...

Break-ups are never easy. But when they happen as part of the nation’s favourite singing contest, we can only imagine that they would be that little bit messier.

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There seems to be a number of romances blossoming on this year’s X Factor, but one contestant’s former flame has just spoken out, dropping a pretty big bombshell.

Samantha Lavery’s ex boyfriend has claimed that he was dumped by text message due to show commitments.

Acea Brabrook, 24, who dated Samantha for a couple of months before she decided to audition for the ITV show, says that she ended their relationship just days after promising that she wouldn’t let her appearance on the X Factor change things.

He revealed to The Sun: ‘We had talked about the future, we had plans to deal with the fame and the stardom.

‘She promised it wouldn’t change her.

‘She was so down to earth that I was sure that would be the case.

‘Now I feel like I was just a back-up plan.

‘If she had crashed and burned she would have come back up north and we would have carried on dating.

‘But she is making a success of it, so now I’m history.’

First ever audition! My bro @jordanlaveryy supporting! Missss you long time!❤️❤️????

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He continued, ‘She has a new love in her life — and that new love is X Factor.

‘And it appears she may have a second new love, a fellow pop star.’

Acea is, of course, referring to the rumour that Samantha may have coupled up with fellow contestant Nathan.

We loved MOTOWN but now it's time for DIVAS???

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But an X Factor spokesman has insisted that Sam and Nathan are ‘close, but just friends’.

We’re sure that Acea is hurting right now, and we’re also sure that Samantha did what she felt was right, regardless of the TV show.

We wish them both the best, and can’t wait to see Sam continuing her X Factor journey on Saturday night.