X Factor’s Rylan Clark Insults Gary Barlow Live On TV

The X Factor‘s Rylan Clark managed to insult Gary Barlow live on last night’s show, causing an eruption of giggles from the audience and the judges’ panel.

It’s true we’ve grown to love Gary and Rylan’s love/hate relationship, but last night’s confrontation had us falling off our sofa in hysterics.

Rylan had performed a mash-up of Girls On Film and When Will I Be Famous on last night’s show, complete with an outrageous production of gym equipment and treadmill-riding dancers. When it was time for Gary to comment on Rylan’s performance, he told the contestant: “The good news is you are famous, the bad news is give it a couple of months.

He then added: “This is going nowhere for me.”

Rylan pointed out that the majority of today’s artists mime on stage, and he explained he’d more than proved his talent in the sing-offs. Gary said: “In future, mime”.

It gets better…

Dermot O’Leary then resurrected an old clip of Rylan performing in a Take That tribute band. Gary asked Rylan which member of the band he was impersonating, to which he replied: “Well it definitely weren’t you, I’m too skinny!”

Rylan’s remark had all the judges in fits of giggles, as Gary left his seat and threatened to get up on stage. Rylan jumped onto the treadmill, and then pretended to run away from The X Factor judge.

It’s the funniest show we’ve seen in ages. Will Rylan make it through to next week’s show? Find out tonight and check back here tomorrow for all the goss… RM