X Factor’s Saara Aalto Opens Up About The Public’s View Of Her

What's been happening to this X Factor hopeful away from the show is not okay...

There’s always a little bit of controversy surrounding the X Factor acts, but one of this year’s hopefuls has just confessed something that’s made us feel pretty sad.

Saara Aalto claims that she hasn’t received the best reception from the public, particularly when it comes to online comments.

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The singer reportedly believes that this is down to being a ‘foreign act’, explaining that she’s been quizzed on her decision to go after a career in the UK instead of focusing on Finland.


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She explained, ‘The thing is, Finland is such a small country. It only has a population of five million, which is half of London.

‘There’s nothing there. I just had to get out. The UK is the perfect place to come.’

Well, we’re happy to have you, lady.

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Saara reportedly continued, ‘I hoped people would forget where I’m from. The competition is about singing and good performers.

‘I hoped people would take me as I am. It doesn’t matter where I come from.’

Well said.

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The 29-year-old found herself in the bottom two during last night’s result show, having narrowly missed out on being saved by the public vote.

She has admitted that taking part on the X Factor has been difficult for her, allegedly telling the Daily Star, ‘It is hard being the only foreign act.

‘When I came here I moved to London and I was meeting so many new people and had to speak only in English, which is not my native language.

‘I don’t have the support of my hometown like all of the other acts have. I’ve had to build my fan base,’ she said.

Saara was saved by the judges following a sing-off with girl group Four Of Diamonds.

And we’re sure you’ll agree, that with THAT voice, her spot on the X Factor line-up is very well deserved…