Did Ryan Lawrie Just Spill The Beans On Honey G’s X Factor ‘Character’?

After his shock exit on Sunday, Ryan had a lot to say about this year's most controversial X Factor act...

This weekend’s X Factor was a real nail biter. After some pretty amazing performances, Scottish singer Ryan Lawrie and ‘rapper’ Honey G both found themselves in the bottom two and going head-to-head in the sing-off.

While Ryan played his guitar along to his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Lego House, Honey G performed a more upbeat tune – Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak On entwined with her signature Honey G ad libs.

When it came to the judges’ decisions, the public were left pretty stunned. Nicole voted to save Ryan, whilst Sharon, Louis and Simon all voted to save Honey G, meaning Ryan was the seventh to be voted off the show.

Twitter. Was. Furious.

In a tribute to his departure, girlfriend and fellow X Factor contestant Emily Middlemas shared an emotional post, in which she praised Ryan’s grace in defeat and claimed ‘You are so so talented and I am honestly so excited for the world to hear all of these hits you have written’.

Too cute.

Appearing on ITV’s Lorraine this morning, Ryan was asked about his sing-off rival and whether he thought she was putting on an act.

‘To be honest, I personally use Keith Lemon as a good example,’ he explained referring to Leigh Francis’ Celebrity Juice character.

‘I think it’s a character she portrays,’ he added, before saying that he found it hard to get to know Honey G despite living together in the X Factor house. ‘I’m not sure, I don’t really see her in the house, she keeps herself to herself,’ he said.

In another interview on This Morning, Ryan elaborated further saying, ‘I feel there are two sides like a split personality. The accent changed – sometimes she will be really posh, sometimes street talk. I think she’s really smart and she knows what she’s doing.’

Hmmmm. Suspicious.

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He added that he knew his time on the show was up when he found out who he was up against in the sing off, telling This Morning: ‘As soon as I was in with Honey G I knew I was going to go. I just felt like the whole entertaining, big production values is more what’s wanted than me.’

‘It is a bit frustrating whenever you’re trying your hardest.’

We feel for you, Ryan. We feel for you.

Now he’s no longer in the running, Ryan has admitted he is rooting for girlfriend Emily Middlemas to win the show, saying ‘I’ll be there in the crowd wearing an Emily t-shirt.’

SO sweet.

By Catherine Delves