X Factor Reveal Who The Mystery Fifth Judge Is!

DRUMROLL PLEASE. As promised, we are about to officially announce the identity of the X Factor 2013′s mega exciting mystery fifth judge, and safe to say we did not see this one coming…


Yep, for those of you who were crossing your fingers for Cheryl‘s big return or Simon Cowell‘s scathing insults to make their much-awaited comeback, we apologise. Because after all the hype, it turns out the ITV bosses were just talking about a new free app which will let us all vote on our favourite crooners. Oh…

You’ll now be able to download the X Factor app to predict who will go through, play a few quizzes in the ad breaks and even have a go at their little ‘Fifth Judge’ game (see what they did there?).

So not quite as earth-shattering as we had hoped, but at least we’ve got the promise of Nicole Scherzinger‘s sch-amazing X Factor wardrobe to console us after that crushing disappointment, right?

Catch the first episode of the brand new X Factor this Saturday on ITV1 at 8pm!

By Robyn Munson

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