X Factor Rejects MK1 Talk Phone Line ‘Fix’

MK1 are at the centre of a Twitter storm this evening as fans continue to claim that The X Factor phone lines weren’t working when they tried to vote for the group.

Charlie Rundle from MK1 said: “We just couldn’t understand what was going on last night, a few hours before our performance we got a lot of tweets from our fans telling us that the voting line for MK1 was frozen and they couldn’t vote for us so we were getting really worried.

Charlie and her friend Sim Dixon were voted out of the competition last night as the judges opted to go to ‘deadlock’, which saved Gary Barlow‘s act Kye Sones.

She added: “In previous series, when that tends to happen, the act goes into the bottom two and may leave the competition. When Dermot called our name out that was really playing through our minds.”

Fans of the group have now got “#WEWANTMK1” and “#REVOTEMK1” trending on Twitter in a bid to make The X Factor bosses give them another shot.

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