There’s More Disappointing News For The X Factor

Uh-oh. There’s been more bad news for The X Factor.

Since January, the show has been plagued by rumours that it ‘will not be broadcast next year’ due to the ratings disaster it suffered last year.  Nooo! Is this the end?!

ITV was said to be planning to ‘rest’ the hit talent show and brainchild of Simon Cowell after ratings dropping to a low of 5.39 million in 2015. Eek.


It was said that ITV would not broadcast the show next year to make room for The Voice instead… And now, Simon Cowell’s spokesperson has spoken out.

X Factor will not be rested in 2017′, a Syco rep told The Telegraph, going on to add that if ITV didn’t want to renew the contract, they would simply go elsewhere. ‘If ITV didn’t want it, somebody else most certainly would.’

The speculation is hardly surprising, considering the singing contest failed to be named one of the 40 most-watched TV shows of 2015.

The X Factor The X Factor judges were mixed up this year


It was well documented that the programme suffered with low ratings all series, but we didn’t expect it to miss out on a place on the list altogether.

But hey, at least winner Louisa Johnson seems to be a pretty big success so far.

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Louisa Johnson Louisa Johnson’s debut single Forever Young is out now


So which shows were we watching in 2015? Well, Simon Cowell’s other venture Britain’s Got Talent made it onto the chart, which was copiled by the Press Association from data produced by the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (Barb).

Over half of the most-viewed programmes were broadcast by BBC1, while the rest were ITV’s (including ITV HD and ITV+1 channels). No other channels made the cut.

ITV’s highest entry was actually the BGT final, which came in at #2 with just under 13 million viewers.

I'm A Celebrity I’m A Celebrity was big in the 2015 ratings


Overall, the talent competition made seven appearances, while I’m A Celebrity got four nods.

For the BBC, EastEnders appeared three times. This included both of the 30th anniversary episodes broadcast in February, which famously revealed the killer of Lucy Beale.

The Great British Bake Off was also a big player.

The Great British Bake Off The Great British Bake Off is one of the nation’s favourites


But it was Strictly Come Dancing that dominated the top 40, appearing a total of 12 times. Of course, this number could increase after the grand final tomorrow night.

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It’ll be a big achievement if it does. For the top 40 to change before the end of the year, a programme will need to attract an audience of at least 10.5 million viewers.

Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Come Dancing could smash the competition this weekend


We’ll have to wait and see…