Did The X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger Make A Sly Dig At Cheryl?

The X Factor judge has been accused of throwing shade at Cheryl with her comments about Saara Aalto's performance of Girls Aloud's Sound Of The Underground...

Nicole Scherzinger has made a name for herself for being the queen of X Factor sass. But one comment she made on Saturday night left some viewers thinking she’d just thrown some major shade at Cheryl.

The judges were critiquing Saara Aalto’s performance, who performed Girls Aloud’s Sound Of The Underground, but whilst Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh were full of praise, Nicole had something else to say.

‘I didn’t know if I loved the song because I feel like the song doesn’t go anywhere vocally’, Nicole slammed about the 2003 Girls Aloud hit.

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nicole scherzinger

Nicole slammed Saara’s song choice…

But Nicole made sure to add that her comment was about the song, not about Saraa.

‘But you did your thing on it’, she added. ‘Actually, you’re bigger than that song.’


And whilst Simon sat next to her making miaow noises at her slightly catty comment towards Cheryl and her former bandmates, Nicole then finished with another sassy parting comment.

Saara covered Girls Aloud's Sound of the Underground...

Saara covered Girls Aloud’s Sound of the Underground…

‘There’s somebody singing a Pussycat Dolls song next’, she said.

And viewers were quick to pick up on her subtle dig at Chezza, with one tweeting: ‘Nicole threw so much shade at Girls Aloud (Cheryl) that I’m surprised there wasn’t an eclipse! #XFactor2016.’

‘Was Nicole coming for Cheryl when she was critiquing Saara 😳 #Xfactor’, posted another.

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Whilst a third slammed: ‘Nicole just hates girls aloud and cheryl, just because they’re a better band hun 💁🏼.’

Nicole has yet to respond to the claims, but it’s not the first time the X Factor judge has been accused of being catty about Cheryl.

Speaking to the Press Association back in August, Nicole awkwardly blanked a question about whether she was sad that Cheryl wouldn’t be on the panel this year.

After glancing nevously at her rep, the rep then said: ‘Ok, let’s move on.’

Eep. We hope there’s no bad blood between these two gorgeous ladies.