The X Factor Moment That Left Nicole Scherzinger Seriously Shaken

Naughty Rylan Clark Neal gave judge Nicole the fright of her life when he scared her live on air during The X Factor Halloween special...

It wouldn’t be an episode of The X Factor without something hilarious happening, and tonight’s LOLs came courtesy of Rylan Clark Neal, who gave Nicole Scherzinger the shock of her life.

The X Factor judge, who looked smokin’ hot tonight in a black beaded mesh dress topped off with vampy purple locks styled into a chic updo, is normally the cool, calm and composed one on the panel – and any outbursts are made on her terms, than you very much.

Nicoole looked fierce on tonight's X Factor Halloween special..

Nicoole looked fierce on tonight’s X Factor Halloween special..

However, tonight, Nicole fell victim to naughty prankster Rylan, who was clearly plotting sneakily behind-the-scenes to derail Scherzy during the Halloween special.

And it worked. In a BIG way.

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As Nicole was introducing her final act of the night, Ryan, a Halloween costume-clad Rylan crept up behind her dressed as the Grim Reaper before grabbing her on the shoulder.

And safe to say, the former Pussycat Doll looked TERRIFIED.

As Nicole leapt out of her seat (even Sharon Osbourne looked shocked), Rylan pulled off his hood to reveal his identity. And Nicole was fuming as she shouted ‘get away Rylan!’.

Twitter reacted pretty hilarously, with one viewer writing: ‘RYLAN IM SCREAMING’, and another tweeting: ‘RYLAN SCARING NICOLE I AM IN TEARS’.

And we’re pretty sure it wasn’t planned, as the official The X Factor Twitter account also sounded pretty shocked, too.

‘We just leapt out of our seats! You rotter, you, @Rylan!’, they posted right after the event.

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Teehee. We can’t wait to see what he has to say for himself later on tonight’s The Xtra Factor show… That man knows no bounds.

You keep doing you, Rylan. We’re loving it.