Some Of The X Factor Contestants Have Been Accused Of Miming

Viewers took to Twitter during Saturday night's show...

It’s only been on for a few weeks, but The X Factor is already causing controversy.

Saturday night’s show was no exception, with the acts actually being accused of MIMING during their auditions.

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X Factor

Yep. During the episode, viewers took to Twitter in their droves to question whether or not the contestants were singing live.

There were also suggestions that their voices may have been autotuned in post-production. Hmm.

Tweets included: ‘Haven’t watched X factor in a long time. But the two people I saw this week were completely miming. What a farce,’ and: ‘This guy was miming on the x factor [sic].’

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While a number of the wannabes came under fire, the most talked about were bands 5am and Girl Next Door.

Despite judge Nicole Scherzinger telling 5am that they needed to work on their harmonies, others thought they were already a little too pitch perfect.

One wrote: ‘#XFactor is such a fix, Nicole going on about working on their harmonies and vocals………….. They were clearly f****** miming!!’

Another said: ‘Been watching #Xfactor again and it’s clear that 5am are miming. Utter shambles this series. Time to put this show to bed Simon. Joke!’

However, a spokesperson has hit back at the suggestions, saying: ‘Everyone who auditions for The X Factor sings live in front of the judges.’

And luckily for the bands, it seems they’ve already amassed plenty of fans.

Comments on Twitter read: ‘Just watched @5amMusic audition and have already said if they are on the Xfactor tour, I will be there! WOW ?? Great music & personalities!’ and: ‘I thought Girl Next Door was the best group, if not the best act I’ve seen this year. It was first time I’ve watched with interest! #XFactorsonalities!’

We think we’ll have to give them the benefit of the doubt for now…