So This Is What X Factor’s Mason Noise Looks Like Now…

If you’re a seasoned X Factor viewer, you’re bound to remember Mason Noise.

Taking the 2015 series of the ITV show by storm, Mason proved himself to be one of the most controversial contestants to have taken a spot on that famous stage.

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Branded as a bit of a ‘bad boy’ during his time on the show, Mason became known for his run-in with the big boss man, Simon Cowell.

He famously made headlines when he dramatically dropped his microphone and walked out of his six chair challenge audition.

If it wasn’t for mentor Nick Grimshaw, who was part of the judges line-up that year, calling him back and offering him a spot in his category, we might not have seen Mason make it to the final.

In fact, love him or hate him, he came seventh, even winning a spot on the X Factor live tour.

But what has he been up to since his time on the show?

Here just trying to make sense of it all…

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Well, he’s grown his hair out and has a new image.

He told Birmingham Mail: ‘This is my transitional period. I’ve got extensions and dreads, I’m trying them out.

‘I’ve changed a lot. I think I’ve done a whole 180 degrees about who I am as a person.’

Mason attended the Transformers The Last Knight premiere in London back in June, 2017

Mason, who has continued to work on his music, added: ‘I’ve been through experiences and had ups and downs in the past year.

‘I’ve gone on a spiritual journey, I’ve had counselling and meditation and yoga have really helped me. I went through a spiritual realisation.

‘And my sound is completely different.’

Mason has also spoken out about mental health, having teamed with SANE.

‘I had a terrible bereavement. My girlfriend died in a quad bike accident on holiday in Turkey a year ago. It was awful and it changed my life.

‘It’s not something I find easy to talk about,’ he explained.


Mason continued: ‘It’s why I paired up with SANE. I was fortunate enough to work through it with help but a lot of people don’t – the suicide rate among young men is far too high.

‘I learned to clear my mind, think more rational thoughts and get in contact with my feelings. It takes a lot of practice and patience. People with mental health problems tend to beat themselves up.’

We applaud him for speaking out.