Matt Terry Reveals Why Honey G Missed This X Factor Event

The rapper chose to skip last night's ITV Gala, despite her fellow contestants all being in attendance...

The X Factor contestants were out in force at the ITV Gala last night.

Matt Terry, Five After Midnight, Saara Alto and Emily Middlemas all appeared on the red carpet to celebrate the channel – but there was one person missing.

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The X Factor contestants at the ITV Gala

The X Factor contestants arrived at the ITV Gala together last night

Honey G chose to skip the event, which left some people wondering if there was something odd going on between her and her co-stars. Eep.

However, Matt has since reassured fans, telling OK!: ‘She didn’t come tonight because she wanted to stay at home and learn all her lyrics.

‘She raps so there’s so much content, so she was like: “Is it alright if I stay at home and just go through my stuff?”

‘Why not? She’s working super hard.’

Matt Terry

Matt Terry has explained Honey G’s absence from the ITV Gala

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Now that there’s just two weeks until the final, the remaining acts will be performing two songs this weekend. Ooh.

They’ll be performing hits in the category Louis Loves, and it sounds like we may be seeing a new side to some of the singers.

Honey G

Honey G has been busy practising her songs for this weekend

Matt, 23, continues: ‘We’re all trying super hard and will maybe put a few different twists on what we’ve done already.

‘We are all just going to bring something different. I feel like it’s another shot to show what we can do in case we mess up.’

Saara, 29, agrees: ‘It’s good to show versatility to show more sides.’

We’re already intrigued…