So THIS Is What X Factor’s Honey G Looks Like Now…

The controversial X Factor contestant has had something of a makeover...

Thought you’d escaped the internet’s Honey G obsession? Think again.

The wannabe entertainer became a household name during the last series of the X Factor, largely due to the fact that she seemed to divide the opinions of both the viewing public and celebrities alike.

Yup. Even Professor Green stepped into the conversation to admit that he, er, wasn’t a fan.

Now, though, people are talking about her for a whole other reason.

Honey G

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You might remember that, to compliment her, well, unique renditions of some classic hip hop hits, the talent contestant became known for sporting some pretty OTT tracksuits.

Yup. There were plenty of gold chains and snapbacks in the mix too. So many clichés.

But the entertainer, real name Anna Gilford, appears to have shown off a transformation that’s a world away from the stage persona that, for better or worse, gripped the nation.


Taking to Instagram to showcase her new look, Anna could be seen wearing a pink top – minus the token cap.

The X Factor star had just had her hair done by Chloe Swerner in LA, so we imagine that she was keen to show off her new ‘do.

She captioned her image: ‘My good friend, hairdresser CHLOE SWERNER RISES TO THE T.O.P IN LOS ANGELES AT GIUSEPPE FRANCO’s Salon! Today she did Sylvester Stallone’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hair and of course HONEY G’s hair. Chloe! Your a total legend [sic]’.

She hasn’t had a complete style overhaul, though, as she kept her staple sunglasses firmly in place.

Followers were quick to point out the change, with comments including: ‘we need to see the real her’ and ‘You look very pretty here and so much younger without the hat…’

So. There you have it. Honey G takes LA?