X Factor’s Gifty Explains Why She Looked So Annoyed On Sunday’s Show

Gifty Louise opens up about being the latest to be voted off The X Factor, and explains on Good Morning Britain that she knew she was leaving due to poor song choice...

Gifty Louise is the latest to be voted off The X Factor (spoiler alert), and last night’s results show was more than a little tense.

The talented singer found herself in the bottom two with girl band Four Of Diamonds, and after the judges cast their final vote, it was Gifty that got the boot.

It’s horrible for anyone to hear they’re being cast out of the competition, but X Factor viewers noted that Gifty looked seriously peeved to be leaving.

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Gifty could barely contain her disappointment as she was voted off The X Factor…

Taking to Twitter to comment, one viewer wrote: ‘Gifty looks so annoyed’.

‘I can see how dissapointed and annoyed @GiftyLouise is. I would be too ? so wrong decision.. Gifty you’re still amazing ❤ #XFactorLiveShows’, said another.

A third tweeted: ‘You can tell Gifty is well annoyed? #XFactor’.

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Gifty found herself in the bottom two with Four Of Diamonds…

However, the singer decided to explain why she looked so fed up on Good Morning Britain earlier today, revealing that she was ‘shocked’, and was seriously unhappy with her song choice.

‘I was shocked’, she said. ‘I felt like I had been consistent every single week. Obviously I felt like the song choice I’d been given this week was a bit… I personally didn’t feel too great about it.

‘Doing another Fifth Harmony song, that would be the third time doing it so I honestly felt like people would think she’s a bit too predictable’, she added.


Gifty said she knew she was going after Saturday’s performance…

On last night’s show, mentor Simon Cowell even apologised for the song choice, shouldering the blame himself – and Gifty’s not arguing.

‘I had a chat with him after my performance on Saturday and I told him I was going home. I told him that,’ the singer said.

Speaking of the judges’ decision to cast her out, Gifty added: ‘I felt like they made up their mind that Gifty has to go.’

Aw. We’ll miss you, lady.