The Secret ‘Gay’ X Factor Relationship Everyone’s Talking About

New reports are claiming two X Factor contestants have been enjoying a secret gay relationship behind-the-scenes...

Could two have The X Factor contestants have been keeping a big secret from us?

Well, if these new reports are to be believed, then yes. Because according to an insider, two of the contestants (whom of whom is definitely still in the show) have been enjoying a secret gay romance.


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And no one, not even their fellow contestants or the judges, are aware, the source adds.

‘Their family and friends know they are an item but they’ve kept it a secret from viewers and that’s the way they want it for now’, the insider revealed. ‘Their fans have no idea they are a couple.’

And with 5 After Midnight, Saara Aalto and Matt Terry the only three acts now left in the competition, it’s no wonder the rumour mill is going wild trying to guess who this romance rumour could be about…

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It wouldn’t be the first time sparks flew amongst the X Factor lot this year – Emily Middlemas, who got booted off the show on Sunday, and Ryan Lawrie went public with their relationship back in October.

And with all of that talent simmering together under one roof, it’s hardly surprising that attraction could build.

Rumours of canoodling aside, Sunday’s show faced more controversy as people accused Saara Alto’s vote as being rigged.

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The singer found herself safe from the bottom two on Sunday’s results show, but now it’s being said that X Factor executives are launching an investigation into whether votes from her native Finland have been boosting her success on the show.

This is because for the first time at the weekend, the show was screened live on TV in Finland, and Finnish fans reportedly found a way to get round the UK-voting-only policy.


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‘The app doesn’t say if you are voting from the UK so it’s hard to tell what is happening here’, the insider told Mail Online.

‘Saara was in the bottom two early in the competition but has now gone straight to being the favourite. Nobody is saying she hasn’t got a brilliant voice and that is why the judges have kept her in the show — because of her performances.’

We guess we’ll have to wait and see where this one goes…