This X Factor Act Have Been Forced To Address The Latest Controversy

The X Factor's 5am have been forced to address an allegation of 'racism' after some backstage footage came to light..

During these long and darn chilly winter months, we have been guilty of feigning a busy schedule in the name of a hot date with our duvet and the ol’ box. Particuarly whilst the X Factor is on our screens.

It’s no surprise that we’ve become very emotionally invested.

One of our favourites to win?! The smooth moving trio, 5 After Midnight- made up of band members Kieran Alleyne, Nathan Lewis and Jordan Lee.

Great night!!

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And, as fabulous as the boys are, it’s fair to say they’ve been dealt a pretty unfair share of negativity lately.

In recent weeks, the trio have been plagued with rumours of a pending split after ITV aired a tense clip of the boys seemingly arguing.

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However band member Jordan had put these allegations to bed, having revealed that it was nothing to worry about- ‘We’re going to have arguments no matter what… It’s never anything serious. It’s just petty, like brothers’.

Despite this being settled, it looks like the boys are back in the headlines- after many people have claimed to have heard Jordan Lee make a ‘racist comment’ during a behind the scenes video which has been shared on social media.

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Captioned ‘Literally just in the house finished filming now Chilling’, some viewers have claimed to hear Jordan greeting someone with a very racist slur during the footage.

However, X Factor officials have dismissed the claims as simply being a ‘mishearing’, with an ITV spokesperson sharing- ‘We’ve checked the video several times and Jordan does not use any racist terms. He is in fact just saying, ‘Hey, new girl’ as there was a new member of the film team at the house’.

The spokesperson added, ‘We’ve checked the video and spoken to Jordan and he categorically did not say what has been suggested’.

Although Jordan Lee is yet to speak out about the allegations personally, he doesn’t seem to have let the bad press get him down- having shared that he is ‘having a good day’ on social media.

Alice Perry