Looks Like There’ll Be Drama At The Love Island Wrap Party

GUYS. The Love Island wrap party is tonight. And it’s shaping (key word, and you’ll see why very soon) up to be pretty drama-filled.

Well, after a series filled with break-ups, make-ups, confrontations (we’re looking at you, Ma’), tears and tantrums (and you, Kady), it would make sense.



The islanders have been tweeting about their excitement of the wrap party, and one island lady in particular seems to have her sassy head on already.

A fan account tweeted Sophie Gradon to tell her: ‘have a fabulous night at the wrap party tonight! Stay shapey!’

The 30-year-old replied, ‘Oh I will…. #zerof**** #bringitonbitches’.




So, what’s going to be going down?

Well, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for run-ins.

Natch, Sophie and Katie Salmon could have a lot to catch up on, considering they probably haven’t seen each other since Soph’ called things off to be with Tom Powell.



Things might also be a tad awkward with Emma-Jane Woodham, Tom’s ex-girlfriend, who seemed to do a complete 360 on her opinion of Sophie before she left.

And. OF COURSE. Malin, Terry and Emma will all be in the same room.



Together. At the same time.

We can’t wait to hear all about it…