Would You Put Your Love Life In The Hands Of Strangers?

In this week’s issue of LOOK Lucy Vine, 28, tests out new website HeTexted.com, which allows you to upload texts from that man you’re dating, to get crowd-sourced advice. Read her experience in the mag? Now read what happened next…

Where were we?

This boy and I
have been friends for a long time and there’s always been a ‘what-if?’ question hanging over us. He gets annoyed when I have a boyfriend, he flirts with me shamelessly, and he makes casual mentions of a future together “when we’re married.” And yet… nothing’s ever happened. No drunken kiss, no late-night love-confessions, no joint purchase of a pet. In fact, two weeks ago when he was meant to come to my house party to take charge of the iPod (apparently Eternal’s Greatest Hits on repeat is not an “acceptable party playlist”) he didn’t even turn up. Which is where
came in. I put his texts up on the website, which asks a ‘crowd’ to give their verdict on whether he likes me. Y’know, likes me likes me. And after following the site’s advice for a week, I ended up going on a date with him.

The date

IT DOES NOT START WELL. His band is on late, and I’m starting to feel a bit silly for reading too much into this evening. And as their set finally ends, I don’t know how we’re going to disappear off into the night together when a lot of our mutual friends have turned up to support him. But as he finally emerges – a bit sweaty (sexy) and grinning ear-to-ear – he loudly announces to our group: “Lucy and me are off for a drink.” Then he winks, and everyone cheers. He takes my hand and we go to a quiet(ish – for a Friday) pub next door with my cheeks still burning. And it’s… great actually. We laugh like the old mates we are, but there’s also some hand touching and shy flirting. Then when he brings back round three (I say ‘round’ but he’s insisted on buying all the drinks), he sits that much closer and suddenly I can’t think of anything to say. And yes, OK, since you asked, he kisses me.

 And now?

There have been texts.  Many, many texts. But I won’t be putting any of these up on


… they’re not for anyone else’s eyes. We’re seeing each other again next week – he’s taking me to the zoo. The plan is to see if we like each other sober. It’s a big step and if all goes well, I’m thinking our friendship will be officially ruined.