Scarlett Johansson Sings To Support World AIDS Day

UPDATE: Scarlett Johansson has just released the best Christmas song ever, with a little help from Barry Manilo. And it’s all to raise awareness for Bono’s campaign AIDS/HIV RED. FYI: Her voice is amazing. 

Ah December is now upon us…this means that we can finally stop feeling guilty about getting all excited for Christmas (and yes, we can finally justify breaking out the Christmas songs).

It also marks World AIDS Day. And what better time of year is there to do something charitable and donate some of your time and awareness towards a very important cause?


World AIDS Day means that people all over the world come together in the fight against HIV and AIDS. We can take this time to think about those with the diagnosis in every corner of the globe, as well as remembering those who have past away. It’s also the perfect time to raise some money.

Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham have already taken to social media to mark the day.


She captioned her image with the statement: ‘Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths. Let’s make it our mission. #WAD2015 @unaidsglobal’

Victoria has designed a special charity t-shirt to raise money, too. VB’s close friend Eva Longoria also shared a selfie rocking the design, with the caption: ‘Supporting my dear friend @VictoriaBeckham with my #WAD2015 t-shirt! 100% of the proceeds will go to @unaidsglobal #MakingADifference’.

According to the World Health Organisation, there were approximately 36.9 million people living with HIV at the end of last year. Medical advancements now mean that contracting HIV is no longer seen as life-limiting, and can be managed with medication, although sadly there still seems to be a stigma attached. 

Many brands have also come together for World AIDS Day, launching charity products to raise awareness and donations.

MAC Cosmetics have launched their Viva Glam lipsticks, endorsed by celebrities including Miley Cyrus, to support the amazing MAC AIDS Fund.


One hundred percent of these profits will go towards fighting against HIV and AIDS.

Purchasing just one lipstick could help to fund one pair of school shoes for a child orpaned by AIDS or one counselling session for a HIV positive woman, amongst other things.


Kiehl’s have teamed with music mogul Tinie Tempah and the Staying Alive Foundation (who are dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV and AIDS) to launch a redesigned edition of their amazing Ultra Facial Cream. Over the past decade, Kiehl’s have raised a whopping $2.5 million for the cause.

Snapchat have also got in on the action, teaming with RED to bring us special filters for World AIDS Day. And the best part? Every time you snap a moment using one, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate three dollars to RED, up to the sum of $3 million.

Now there’s really no excuses, eh?