You Won’t Believe Which Love Islander Has The Most Insta Followers

Stop everything...

There’s a lot of things we think about on a daily basis, like what to have for breakfast, is Channing Tatum actually even human, and most importantly how are this year’s Love Islanders getting on in the followers department.

And luckily for you lot, we have the answers. Well, 1) always pancakes if it’s an option, 2) we assume he is some kind of god, and 3) they’re racking up millions.

But, who’s 100% in the lead and who is just being completely mugged off? Well muggy Mike for one, obvs. He has only gained a small (in comparison to the rest of the gang) 513k followers. We struggle to see how this has happened with pictures of that bod being on full display, but we’ll let him off seen as he went in twice but only managed about 48 hours in the villa.

Next up in the under a million spot is Camilla’s dreamy Calvin Klein model bae, Jamie on 816k. Again, with his looks AND amazing personality you would think he would be inundated with follows. But, again we’ll let him off seen as he came in late to the game. Camilla, on the other hand is on a whopping 1.4 million, in tie with pal Olivia.

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So, we know what you’re thinking. What are winners Kem and Amber on? Well, first of all they’ve both bagged themselves mega fashion deals with both Boohoo man and Motel Rocks so they’re doing pretty well for themselves. But, obvs the amount of followers they have is waaaay more important than any of that.

Well, they’re in a tie. Both on a cool 1.5 million it’s no surprise they’re both lapping up the deals.

Always got my girl @amb_d by my side 💕 at my @boohoomanofficial launch party👕👖

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So, we hear you screaming who actually has the most followers out of this year’s Love Island gang, and finally you’ll be able to sleep at night…*drumroll* it’s Chris Hughes who’s on a massive 1.8million followers!!!

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My friends all in one photo 🐮💛

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That’s more than any of last year’s gang has still managed to rack up. We totally see why the polar bear is everyone’s fave. He’s still a winner in our eyes.

Here’s the full list:

Chris 1.8m

Kem 1.5m

Amber 1.5m

Olivia 1.4m

Camilla 1.4m

Montana 1.2m

Jess 1.2m

Gabby 1m

Marcel 1m

Jamie 816k

Sam 758k

Dom 752k

Alex 704k

Mike 528k

Jonny 513k

Tyla 360k