Women Fancy Men Who Smoke And Drink, FACT

According to a recent study, women prefer ‘young men who drink and smoke’ when it comes to casual flings. Yep, true story.

We know, we know. We all grew up being taught to pick a nice, clean man who would treat us right. And we KNOW – smoking is bad. But apparently, tobacco-addicted booze-hounds are exactly what us women are into when it comes to choosing our men.

*Hangs head in shame*

The study, conducted by Eveline Vincke of Ghent University, found that young women are more attracted to young men who drink and smoke compared to those who don’t, due to the embracing of ‘risky behaviours.’

239 heterosexual women were questioned during the study to determine their views on smoking and drinking in young men. Eveline found that men were seen as more attractive short-term partners when they were portrayed to be occasional smokers and heavy or occasional drinkers.


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In fact, Vincke went on to add that men know exactly what they’re doing when they’re casually offering round those cigarettes on a night out, as smoking and drinking is something men purposely do to play to women’s attraction to bad boys.


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Unsurprisingly, men who were non- smokers and moderate drinkers were found to be more attractive as long-term partners. Okay, that makes a lot more sense – ain’t nobody got time for a man who smokes around OUR babies.

The study also found that, when looking for a long-term partner, women prefer a man who can protect and care for children and men who are both physically strong and kind.

(Now, can somebody now point us in the direction of where these men are?!)

In short-term sexual encounters, men who were physical risk takers were preferred to those who take financial or social risks.


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By Megan Wiseman