Women Are Live Tweeting Their Periods, And Wow

The internet is known for throwing up some farely random trending topics. But this latest one really takes the biscuit. 

Our first reaction was pretty much horror. But after taking a moment to digest what was unfolding before our very eyes, we decided that it was actually, quite simply, genius. 

Girls the world over are taking to Twitter to share their period experiences. Not only are the comments and horror-flick stills absolutely hilarious, but they’re also all too real. 

We all get periods. Fact.

So it’s time to ditch any embarrassment or shame attached to them, and just talk openly about the problems we all face. It’s nature, after all. 


1. It’s about to get emosh 






Guys, you might be all about the confusion during these 3-7 days of the month.

We’re sorry, but then we’re not because we’re the ones having to deal with ALL THE EMOTION. 


2. We can’t always know when to expect the painters, because they’re rude like that




Every so often, it will sneak up on us when we least expect it. Without an invitation. How pushy. 

Cue the awkward ‘have you got a tampon’ conversation with the boss. 




3. Sometimes it’s necessary to give your uterus a pep talk




And it just went digital… 


4. Just don’t. 

Don’t, under any circumstances, wear white. Shudder. 





5. In fact, Regina George had the right idea. 

In Lady Week, we wear sweatpants. 




6. Normal bodily functions just go out of the window

The mess.




7. Can’t we just hibernate? 




When Flow comes to town, the morning struggle is even more real… 


8. Men really do feel our pain

And we love that the #LiveTweetYourPeriod movement has blown the whole thing wide open…





By Laura Jane Turner