This Incredible Woman Can Pack 100 Items Into One *Tiny* Carry-On Bag

If you’re anything like us, packing is an uphill battle that leaves you and your room in a messier state at the end than it was in the beginning. Sweat and tears are a natural part of the process (even blood if you get anything caught in your suitcase zip). But there really isn’t any excuse for poor packing, once you watch this woman pack over 100 items into a small carry on you’ll realise that there’s no such thing as packing too much, there’s just bad packing.

But we were being purposefully evasive when we said ‘this woman’, it’s actually Rachel Grant a.k.a official Bond girl. The Filipino-born actor starred in Die Another Day if you can remember back that far and is now instructing the world in the art of packing that will initially be sentenced as witchcraft.

Over the course of two minutes, Grant puts a wardrobe worth of clothes into one carry-on bag. Shoes, shirts, dresses, socks, everything. It all goes into the bag!

So what did you think? Crazy, right? There are toiletries in there too! So what could we learn from this:

  • Elastic bands and zip-lock bags: Think about all that space you’re wasting with clothes that don’t fold like perfect little pieces of paper. By rolling clothes up into elastic bands and fitting them into zip-lock bags, you’re not allowing precious bag space to that stupid ‘air’ everyone’s always talking about.
  • Fill your shoes: By stuffing your shoes will balls of socks it’ll save space and keep the shape of your shoes from warping under the pressure of 99 other items.
  • Pick your clothes wisely: Try to bring clothes that have similar shapes and are made of lightweight fabrics.

The likelihood of you watching this and actually adopting this method is unlikely. There’s something too satisfying about managing to squeeze too many clothes into one bag with sheer force – we’re creatures of habit after all.