Did Gaz Beadle Just Criticise Marnie Simpson’s CBB Behaviour?

Gary Beadle has said some pretty harsh things about Marnie Simpson's time on Celebrity Big Brother...

Marnie’s had quite the first week in the Celebrity Big Brother house, hasn’t she?

All during the same week, the poor lass has been accused of being a ‘bully’ and received a fair bit of criticism for her rumoured ‘showmance’ with Lewis Bloor. Hmm.

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Now, her fellow Geordie Shore cast member Gaz Beadle has taken to his Daily Star column to seemingly slam her CBB behaviour.

Can’t a gal catch a break?!

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Taking to his column, Gary shared his opinions on the current CBB contestants – and he didn’t hold back.

Gaz shared that he’s ‘a bit shocked’ at Marnie’s behaviour – and by that, he means ‘trying it on with two lads in less than a week’ – because he says that ‘she has been inseparable from Aaron for the last few weeks’.

He then went on to call her a not-very-nice name.

Ever the charmer, Gary…

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Still going strong ????

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Slightly unfair considering that Aaron himself doesn’t seem perturbed by Marnie’s choices in the house.

He tweeted: ‘Me and Marnie are not together and never will be!! That ship has sunk!!’ [sic].

Despite deleting his original tweet, Aaron then followed up with a second message explaining that he hadn’t intentionally meant for the tweet to sound harsh and that he hopes Marnie ‘smashes it’ on CBB…

There you have it. Marnie is single, and can do as she pleases.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom from Gaz, though, as he did also share some words of encouragement.

The 28-year-old wrote, ‘Of course I want Marnie to win, will back my Geordie family in everything they do’.

But Marnie wasn’t the only one to receive a pretty harsh grilling from Gary. The MTV star also blasted her current CBB love interest, Lewis Bloor…

Gary wrote, ‘Surely there are more exciting people from TOWIE to put in [than Lewis Bloor].

‘I’d have thrown Megan McKenna back in just for bants. Now he’s crying because Bear necked on with Marnie, unlucky son, have you not watched Geordie Shore? Our Marnie doesn’t move slowly’.

Oh, Gaz.

Alice Perry