The Surprisingly Pretty Wire Nail Art Trend Taking Over Insta

And it's perfect for short nails!

Of all the nail art trends to have swept the internet over the past few years, we never thought one involving wire would be a potential fave. Until we spotted these on Instagram

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Nail genius Eun Kyung Park is behind the new mani. The founder of Unistella Salon is big on breaking brand new nail techniques, having previously brought us shattered glass tips, mirror-shine chrome, onyx and basically all of the best nail art looks of recent times.

The wire nail trend is huge in Korea

Fresh for 2017, Unistella and Eun have created wiry manis. We never thought plain old wire would bring us so much joy!

This new trend is ideal for anyone who struggles to grow their nails past the fingertips because you can create length with wire! As well as lengthening, Eun twists wire into intricate patterns to overlay on top of polish. Some even look like famous art!

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Our fave wiry wonder looks are the plainest ones. One line of golden wire framing a clear-polished nail. Or mini crescents sitting prettily at the base of the nail. So simple yet so effective.

It’s so simple but so effective

We don’t recommend trying this at home, no matter how crafty you pride yourself on being. All disaster takes is for you to forget to file down one sharp wire edge and… Just imagine the hosiery snags.

The trend is currently only available at Eun’s salon in Korea but we’re hoping it get picked up in the UK very soon…