These Amazing Wine Bottles Have Short Stories Attached To Their Labels

Wine lovers, you there? Of course you are. After the success of the drink-from-wine-bottles gadget, the Guzzle Buddy, the red wine cheese toastie and the kitchen hack that turns cheap-ass wine into fancy-ass restaurant wine – we know you’ll always be there, thirsty for the latest innovation.

Today we’ve got a real treat for you. You know how lonely it can get just sitting in the dark, emptying wine bottles into your mouth? Well now you can always have company drinking by lamplight – these wine bottles come with short story labels!

You can slip into hazy escapism without even leaving the sofa!

wine bottles

Image credit: librottiglia

Curling up with a glass of wine and a good book is the evening activity of choice for a lot of people this time of the year. But product design agency Reverse Innovation wanted to combine the two.

Now we’re not saying that melding together two good things makes a better thing but there are some serious benefits to this drinking-from-wine-bottles premise.

Firstly, everybody always says that they never have the time to read. But everybody seems to always have time to drink. So now you can do both!

Secondly, we love wine.

Woah, the possibilities are endless!


Librottiglia combined the Italian words for ‘book’ and ‘bottle. The sell quote from their website goes a little like this: “The characteristics of every product are matched to a narrative genre to create an oeno-literary experience based on the perfect balance of the sensory impressions of the wine and the scenarios imagined in the stories”.

Pretentious, yes. But delicious? Even more so.


The downside is that this wine is currently only available in Italy and, surprisingly, the books attached to them will need to be translated into Italian.

One day this idea might make it to our shores and we’ll be the most well-read people you know!