Why you should be inspired by this adorable baby

Meet the sweetest baby who loves being read to more than anything, and cries uncontrollably every time the picture book ends – until his mother reads it all over again.

This adorable video has gone viral with more than 3 million views on YouTube and has inspired fellow bookworms to unite and leave comments describing their earliest memories of being read to.

Any true book lover will know the sadness of reaching the end of your favourite book but then consoling themselves by reading it over and over until they know it off by heart.

It might at first seem pointless, but studies have shown that re-reading books is actually really good for you. According to the Daily Mail, re-reading books again helps to improve your emotional engagement, memory and allows you to have a deeper understanding of the characters and core messages of the novel.

So be inspired by the saddest bookworm, and keep re-reading and enjoying your favourite books safe in the knowledge that you’re doing wonders for your mind.

Happy reading!