Why The Perfect Guy Is A Total Must-See

The search for the perfect man can be tough – and this is something Leah (Sanaa Lathan) knows all too well…

Yep, whilst roses and romance can be nice, what we really want is a guy with great banter who respects the fact we have stressful jobs and work long hours, but still need to see our friends and family. Are we right?



In The Perfect Guy (out on DVD now) Leah is a busy lobbyist who’s trying to stay focused on her job while recovering from a painful break-up. And that’s when the super-charming Carter (Michael Ealy) steps in. He’s laid-back, romantic, gorgeous, and, as Leah later finds out, er, pretty good in bed (ahem). 

In fact, Carter’s so perfect he’s almost too good to be true…



That’s because behind the flowers and champagne (and that buff body, obvs), Carter’s got a dark, violent side. As Leah begins to figure out that the man she thought was so perfect, could be anything but, she has to turn to her ex Dave (Morris Chestnut) to find out who she can really trust. 

It’s a fierce performance from Sanaa as Leah, who was totally relatable as a character – we would have fallen for Carter and all his charms in the exact same way. 



The Perfect Guy is a sexy, edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller that we definitely do not recommend watching alone. So grab your mates or your date and prepare to be thrilled.

Oh, and you might want to lock your doors twice, just in case…

The Perfect Guy is available on Digital HD & DVD from Monday 14 March