Why Having A Warm Shower Can Make You More Creative

Let’s be honest, a nice warm shower can be flippin’ great.

After a long day at work and a sweat-inducing car/train/tube commute home, nothing sounds more appealing than getting under the water for a long soak.

Then there’s that early-morning shower that can wake you up on your doziest of days, and the pre-night out wash that gets you feeling fresh before hitting the club.

But it turns out there’s actually far more to our shower habits than we think there is. And it’s pretty interesting…



Have you ever found yourself having some deep, emotional thoughts while in the shower?

Perhaps you’ve worked through a problem that’s been niggling you, or gone over some job interview questions.

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You may have found yourself humming a new tune, or had a spark of genius about how to make a presentation you’re giving in tomorrow’s meeting more interesting.

Well, you’re definitely not the only one to do this.

> Ahhh. We knew there was a reason we liked showers so much…


According to scientists, the warm water in our showers is changing the way we think. In a really good way.

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Psychologist John Kounios – a co-author of The Eureka Factor – tells Allure: ‘The warm water of a shower dulls your external senses and directs your attention to your internal thoughts.

‘This state of awareness promotes creative thinking.’

> Aaron Sorkin is a *pretty* successful screenwriter


Need more proof? Apparently, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin takes up to six showers a day when he’s working.

Considering he’s been behind films including The Social Network, Moneyball and Steve Jobs, we don’t think he’s a bad person to take inspiration from.

Watch out, Oscars 2017…