Why Ryan Gosling Will NOT Be Adding You On Facebook

Ryan Gosling has managed to miss out on the hoards of mega LOL vines/memes/gifs created in his honour, as the actor reveals he has an allergy to the Internet.

It turns out that the 33-year-old love of LOOK’s life is blissfully unaware of his huge and slightly terrifying online fan base due to his refusal to type his name into Google.

In a new interview, the handsome megastar admits that he avoids reading anything about himself or his films on the web, and actually tries to stay offline as much as he can.

‘I don’t read what people said of me on the internet’, Ryan told Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. ‘The internet is like a minefield to me. I just simply don’t enter there.’ 

A minefield, or a treasure chest of Gosling-related gems? ‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’, anyone?

The Drive actor also went on to confess that while he never dreamed of being a Hollywood A-lister as a kid, now that he’s hit the bigtime he does recognise how successful he’s become.

‘I never thought about being a film star’, RyGo said. ‘But I came further than I ever thought. I have done incredibly well. I have had the same manager from the age of 14 and the same agent since I was 16. Now I can repeat and work again with the directors I like.’

In other Gosling news, Ryan and his gorgeous actress girlfriend Eva Mendes are rumoured to have split over jealousy issues.

Whether that’s true or not, at least RyGo’s girl doesn’t have to fret about him Facebooking other females. Dating a bloke who’s an Internet-phobe can have its perks!

By Robyn Munson

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