17 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve Is Actually The Worst

1) Your expectations are ridiculously high

It’s going to be the best evening of the year, right?


2) Which means you’re always left disappointed

We mean, how good can one night really be?


3) You have to think about what you’re going to do months in advance

Because tickets sell out ludicrously fast.


4) Of course, these tickets are about 12x the price of a normal entry fee

£25 to get into the local pub? Is that a joke?


5) As you have to sort your plans so early, it’s impossible to round everyone up

There’s always that one friend who decides they’d rather stay in – then regrets their decision hours before.


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6) So you’ve decided that you’ll just hang out with your parents

It’s the simpler option. And it’s fine, until they fall asleep at 10pm and you’re left to cheers the cat at midnight.


7) Any outdoor activities are always a disaster

Firework displays = freezing and not worth it.


8) Travelling is basically impossible

Have you seen the price of hotel rooms?


9) Choosing your outfit brings you out in hives

It’s got to be your hottest look of the year. But thanks to Christmas shopping, you have approximately 3p in your bank account.


10) Buying drinks leaves you skint until February

The annoying thing is, you feel like you have to get drunk so you can say you ‘made the most of it’.


11) Though TBH, you’re lucky if you even make it to the bar

It’s so busy you end up having to buy three doubles at once. Not easy to balance while dancing.


2) Due to these doubles, you sometimes get a teeny bit too merry by midnight

Nobody wants to shout out ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1!’ while slumped over the toilet bowl.


13) Auld Lang Syne

C’mon, who really knows the words?


14) If you don’t get a kiss when the clock chimes 12, you feel like a failure

Being single on NYE can be tough.


15) When you decide to head home, there are no cabs within an eight-mile radius

So you end up spending about four hours in a late night McDonalds.


16) Police are everywhere

Great vibe.


17) New Year’s Day is pure torture

Oh, your poor head.


But next year will be better, yeah? Erm. We’ll see…