Why Binky Felstead’s Boyfriend Is Worried About Christmas

Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead is gearing up for her first Christmas with her co-star boyfriend Alex Mytton. But while she may be more than excited at the prospect of cosy log fires and romantic gift exchanges, her mild-mannered man is a teensy bit more hesitant…

Despite the dreaded curse of on-screen couples, the MIC pair are still smitten after four months of dating. And with Alex having already won over Binky’s man-bashing mum Jane, surely him spending Christmas with his new lady’s ‘rents will be a total breeze… Right?

Well, Jamie Laings new BFF has now let slip that while he’s looking forward to festive fun with the Felsteads, the family’s famously crude sex chat does have him worried.

In an interview with new! magazine, the buff brunette said he’s expecting plenty of filthy talk at the dinner table as ‘there usually is on every occasion we meet’.

‘At first, I found it awkward to talk about willies and sex with her [and her mum]’, Alex said. ‘But they’re very open with each other so it’s fine now.’

It takes a brave man to embrace dirty talk over the Christmas turkey, but we’re glad to see Alex is game.

Just as well, too – with girlfriend Binky more than happy to share X-rated snaps of her hot boyf in the buff, we reckon he’s going to have to get used to much more naughtiness from his frisky lady.

By Robyn Munson

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