Why Does Relley C *Really* Think She Was Voted Off The X Factor?

Fans have blamed the new voting rules for Relley C's exit from the show, but the Birmingham singer thinks there's another reason

It wouldn’t be the X Factor if it didn’t give people plenty of things to moan about.

This year is no different – need we even mention Honey G? She isn’t the only point of controversy; after the show last weekend, viewers were outraged when host Dermot O’Leary revealed a significant change to how the voting works.

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Previously, lines didn’t open until all contestants had performed, but this time around, viewers can vote right from the start of the show.

Unsurprisingly, the public wasted no time in pointing out the flaw in that plan.

When Relley C – who was, coincidentally, the last person to perform on Saturday’s show – was voted off, people were NOT happy.

But Relley herself didn’t blame the new voting rules for her exit from the show. Speaking to The Sun, she seemed to think her exit had more to do with her social media presence than the new rules.

“It depends on your following and the support you have in general,” she said.

“I wasn’t a big Twitterer before the show, I’m more of a Facebook girl, but as I came on the show, I got so much support and so much love.”

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Relley also came down with a nasty cold days before her performance, which she thinks affected her ability to reach the “big notes”.

There was no drama or shade-throwing from Relley, though. The Birmingham diva said that although being in the sing-off was “frustrating”, she was happy to have reached the live shows. That’s the spirit!