Why Did Facebook Ban This Tess Holliday Photo?

Facebook has had to apologise after rejecting an ad that featured a photograph of plus
sized model Tess Holliday.

The Australian group Cherchez la Femme created an ad on the social media network to promote the event “Feminism and Fat”, which was for some reason denied by Facebook.

The body positive event, which is one of the group’s monthly feminist talk shows, had a picture of Tess as its main image.

However, the group realised the photo had been taken down due to the image apparently ‘violating Facebook’s guidelines by promoting an idealized physical image’. Hmm.

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Jessamy Gleeson, one of the producers of the event, contacted Dacebook about the rejection of Tess’ image, claiming that Facebook replied saying that the image didn’t comply with their health and fitness policy. 


‘The image depicts a body or body parts in an undesirable manner’, they reportedly stated. ‘Ads may not depict a state of health or body weight as being perfect or extremely undesirable’.

Understandably, there has been an outcry for Facebook to change their policy. Facebook have since apologised and said that the rejection of the ad was in fact an ‘error’.

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While Cherchez la Femme did change their photo to conform to the social media’s policy, they are still very angry over the whole situatuon.

Jessamy wrote: ‘Facebook has ignored the fact that our event is going to be discussing body positivity (which comes in all shapes and sizes, but in the particular case of our event, fat bodies), and has instead come to the conclusion that we’ve set out to make women feel bad about themselves by posting an image of a wonderful plus sized woman’.

Body shaming in any way is unacceptable. Here’s hoping that Facebook changes its policy ASAP.


By Megan Wiseman