15 Reasons Why Being In Your 20s Is Actually Great

1) Your body is at its peak

With any luck, your gawky teenage stage is now pretty much over. HALLELUJAH.


2) You don’t have that much responsibility

Especially in your early 20s. If you have to ask your parents for a little help now and then, it’s not exactly frowned upon.


3) But you do start to get more independence

As you continue through the decade, you’re probably going to move out and start paying your own way.

And yes, you will become excited by sofa swatches and baking trays.


4) You don’t have to start acting like a proper adult straight away

Spoiler alert: Some of us never do.


5) Lots of your friends will get married and start families

This means plenty of opportunities to buy glam dresses, go on hen dos and shop for adorable baby clothes. Yay!


6) But plenty of others will be repping it for the single girls

You’ll never be short of people to go clubbing with.


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7) It’s time to start your career

In the early stages of working life, you’re more likely to move quickly through the ranks.


If you’re not ready for that, there are plenty of opportunities for travelling

You’re not tied down, you’re fine with sleeping in hostels and there are thousands of trips catered especially for people your age.


9) It’s fine to change your mind

Fancy a different direction? This is the best time to rethink your job choice and follow a new route.

Hey, we’re all just trying to figure it out.


10) You’ll get more confident

Working will force you too. But there’s no need to feel scared, it’ll happen naturally!


11) All those school/uni fall-outs will feel so far in the past

In the real world, nobody has time for stuff like that.


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2) Why not play around with your hair and beauty looks?

You haven’t got parents or teachers banning you from that pink dip-dye anymore.


13) You can have a lot of fun dating

We’ll put the duds down to life experience.


14) You’re allowed to make mistakes

Growing up is never going to be plain sailing. And nobody expects you to get it right every time.


You’ll learn what you REALLY enjoy

It sounds cheesy, but you really do start to find yourself in your 20s.

Prefer staying in and watching The X Factor than going out on a Saturday night? That’s perfectly acceptable.


Happy 20th, Kendall! And enjoy the next 10 years…