Amy Schumer: 7 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Her First Film

Amy Schumer’s comedy is stuff of legend, and if you haven’t heard of her,  where have you been? Following in the footsteps of comediennes Mindy Kahling and Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer has been rising through the comedy ranks and stand up shows for years. Now she has her own show, Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central, and is the star of new film ‘Trainwreck’, which hits cinemas this week – she’s the name on everyone’s lips. 

And because we feel you need to know more about this ridiculously talented and super funny lady, here’s some reasons why we totally *HEART* her….

She stands up for herself: Let’s just say she doesn’t take rude interview questions lying down. The Trainwreck star had everyone talking when she totally slammed a KIIS 101 radio host who suggested her character was ‘skanky’ and then asked her: ‘Do you have the word skanky in America?’

> Amy Schumer was not impressed when a KIIS 101 host asked if she knew the word ‘skanky’


A clearly unimpressed Amy then quipped back in the best way imaginable. ”We do have that word’, she said. ‘What made you think about your mum? Why did she just pop into your mind?’

Despite the jokes, the atmosphere was clearly tense between the pair, to which the host insisted he wasn’t trying to offend her. But Amy wasn’t having it.

‘Whatever you’re trying to do, you are’, she retorted. ‘That’s a rude question.’ Yes, Amy. Whatever you do, don’t ask Schumer a pointless interview question. As you will get OWNED.

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Her humour: Amy’s raunchy feminist humour has earned her a Peabody Award and a legion of fans – including us obviously –  while clips from Inside Amy Schumer have been going viral. Amy’s next project will see her take the lead role in Trainwreck, written by her and directed by Judd Apatow (producer of Bridesmaids) as a hard-partying journalist starting her first serious relationship. With a hosting gig at the MTV Movie Awards done and dusted and the film’s promo tour making Schumer a talk show favourite (her Ellen interview is hilar), we can only predict even bigger things for amazing Amy.

> Amy Schumer eats spaghetti in her ‘Sexting’ sketch. And we fall in love with her a little more.


She talks about sex: “I do want women to feel comfortable with themselves as sexual beings, and I don’t think anyone should have to apologize for that” she said recently, while her comedy special, Mostly Sex Stuff is the second-highest rated on Comedy Central in five years. Go Amy! 

> Amy Schumer hosted the MTV Movie Awards 2015, with a bow and arrow, obvs.


She’s friends with Hollywood royalty:  One of Amy’s most popular sketches features Tina Fey, Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette discussing ageing among female actresses in Hollywood. Amy’s fangirling is totally appropriate.

> Amy Schumer at her desk in a new sketch from her own show, Inside Amy Schumer


She got her start in reality television: After failing to get past the auditions in an early season of US reality show, Last Comic Standing, Amy went on to place fourth in the show’s fifth season and helping her land a stand-up special on Comedy Central.

> Amy Schumer and her sister (and road manager) Kim Caramele pose together


She’s BFFs with her sister: Amy’s sister, Kim Caramele, is a school psychologist turned comedy writer, and works for Amy as her road manager and producer for her film, Trainwreck.  You’ll most likely see Kim on Amy’s Instagram, where she’s usually by her side on the red carpet or in baby photos.  Cute! 




> Amy posed at the TIME 100 Gala before pretending to fall over next to Kimye.




She loves to pull Kimye’s strings: First, Miss Schumer pulled a stunt on the couple back in April at the TIME 100 Gala when she pretended to fall over in front of them on the red carpet. And now, at the Trainwreck premiere, she said she would love to re-enact Kim’s nude silver paint shoot. “The stock’s about to plummet so let’s capture it now”, she said, “They better do a lot of photo-shopping!” She then added, “Kimye are obsessed with me! Kim’s always trying to do her make up like me!” Hilar!