Who’s Lady Gaga’s Latest Inspiration?

Lady Gaga has revealed her song I’m So Happy I Could Die was inspired by Lily Allen, after Lily confessed she had a “weird dream” about Gaga.

The American singer responded via Twitter, saying: “next time you have that dream can u take lots of pictures so I can see? Love u use ur married name on twitter #DownForHerMan”

Lily wrote back: “god I hope it doesn’t happen again, if I wasn’t with child I would have chomped my way through a bottle of Xanax by now #theanxiety”

Gaga then confessed that she’d written the song about her: “that would never happen! We’d more likely kidnap you + beg you so sing So Happy I Could Die. thought of you when i wrote that”

First a crush on Prince Harry, then the confession Lily is an inspiration, and now she’s released her fragrance FAME in the UK and US first, today – before international customers. Sounds like Lady Gaga‘s a bit of an Anglophile! BS