Who Will Perform At The Paralympic Closing Ceremony?

Rihanna will perform with Coldplay at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony on 9th September.

It’s been revealed that the acts will perform their collaboration Princess Of China, before Rihanna takes to the stage on her own to sing her solo hits.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin said: “Being asked to play at the closing celebrations for the Paralympic athletes in London is such a great honour for us. 

“Kim Gavin and Misty Buckley are working hard to put on a spectacular Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony for the athletes and spectators in the stadium, and everyone watching around the world, and we are so happy to be involved.”

The ceremony will be entitled The Festival Of Flame, and the themes are earth, wind, water, fire and ice. 

We were in awe of the Olympic Closing Ceremony last month, so can’t wait see what organisers have got in store for this one! RM