EastEnders Viewers Are Upset About The Mick And Whitney Storyline

Whitney Carter survived the bus crash! And, er, quickly proceeded to snog her father-in-law

Well. This EastEnders bus crash storyline has been a bit of a roller-coaster, hasn’t it?

When the devastating incident occurred earlier this week, we saw the Walford community get involved to lift a double decker bus off Martin Fowler.

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EastEnders bus crash

The residents of Walford were left devastated by a bus crash earlier this week

But we were then left on a cliffhanger when we heard Whitney Carter’s ringtone sing out from underneath the vehicle.

Viewers were pretty concerned, with Tweets including: ‘#Eastenders… oh no poor whitney! 😮,’ ‘Is Whitney dead?😲😲 #eastenders,’ and: ‘I swear if Whitney is dead, me and these writers are gonna need to talkkkkk🤔👀😭 #eastenders [sic].’

But on last night’s show, we learnt that Whitney had made it through. Phew.

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Whitney – played by Shona McGarty – was taken to hospital, where her father-in-law Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) stayed by her side.

However, this being EastEnders, the dramz didn’t stop there.

Whitney Dean

Whitney ended up in hospital after surviving the bus crash

As a sobbing Whitney told Mick that she felt she’d never be good enough for husband Lee (AKA Mick’s son), he attempted to reassure her.

In a shock move, she then, er, grabbed him and landed a big ol’ smacker on his lips.

The kiss only lasted for a few seconds before Mick pulled away and told Whitney that it shouldn’t happen, but Denise Fox had already spotted them through the window. Eeep.

While some were intrigued by the scene, the majority of fans were outraged at the though of Mick and Whitney starting an affair.

Tweets included: ‘Mick and Linda are about the only stable thing in #EastEnders. So if they go, I think my heart would break. #whitney,’ ‘#eastenders Whitney & mick NO 😟 #wrongwrongwrong,’ and: ‘Was just starting to love @bbceastenders again and then the Whitney and Mick thing goes and ruins it [sic].’

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