Which ‘Me Before You’ Guy Should YOU Date?

This is a LOOK Advertorial

1. What characteristics do you look for in a boyfriend?

a. Kind, caring and collected

b. Outdoorsy, fit and a little bit cocky

c. Strong-willed and floppy-haired

2. Where is your ideal holiday destination?

a. Australia – sun, sand and surfing

b. Norway – snow capped mountains and extreme sports!

c. Paris – so chic, so romantic

3. You’ve got a day off, how do you spend it?

a. Looking after my friends and family

b. In the gym

c. Watching French subtitled movies, oui?

4. Your ideal date would be?

a. Dinner at the local Italian

b. Watching some sort of sport

c. A night out at the orchestra

5. If he bought you a gift, it would be something like…

a. A gift voucher for a massage

b. A locket with his name engraved on it. Nice.

c. Something nostalgic from your childhood that you mentioned to him in passing

Mostly A’s… You should date Nathan

An all round nice guy Nathan will look after you and (hopefully) show you his lovely muscles.

Mostly B’s… You should date Patrick

Ok, so he might be more interested in running round the race track than running away with you, but at least you’ll be able to work out together.

Mostly C’s… You should date Will

He might have a tough exterior but this is a guy who will love you until the end, did we mention he’s also super hot?

Me Before You hits cinemas on 3 June

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