Which Geordie Shore Star Has Been Labelled A ‘Loner’?

Nothing’s ever straightforward for the Geordie Shore cast. Last month, Marnie Simpson hit out at Gaz Beadle for being ‘manipulative’ after his on/off relationship with Charlotte Crosby broke down again.

‘I’m not a fan of Gary… he’s affected [Charlotte’s] confidence,’ she said earlier this year, despite having had a fling with Gaz herself in 2014.

Now she’s made another dig at him, calling him ‘the loneliest person I’ve ever met’.

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In her column for Star, she said he’s so unpopular that his only friend is his manager.

‘Everyone has fallen out with him because he’s not a nice person,’ she wrote. ‘I know it’s getting to him, but he won’t change.’

She also hinted that Gaz had insulted her in the past, saying: ‘I’ve heard he said I’m boring unless I have a drink in my hand. Well, at least I only need a drink to be fun.’


It seems like she’s referring to Gaz’s recent drugs scandal. Earlier this month, he found himself in trouble after the Daily Star revealed he’d sent texts to friends saying he was ‘off [his] t*ts’ and admitting to taking, erm, some illegal substances.

Things really came to a head between Charlotte and Gaz last month, when she revealed she’d suffered an ectopic pregnancy while Gaz was away filming Ex On The Beach. While Charlotte was at home recovering, Gaz reportedly had a threesome on the show, and it was Marnie who told Charlotte what he’d been up to.


It’s understandable that Marnie isn’t Gaz’s biggest fan after everything that happened, but there is something a bit weird about the whole situation: the day before her column was printed, Marnie was hanging out with Gaz, when he tweeted a photo of them at the beach.

Considering the speed that the Geordie Shore lot seem to fall out and make up, we’re not surprised…