Love Island Fans Think Something *Odd* Is Going On

Have you noticed something a little different about this series of Love Island?

Well, social media has. And we have to admit, it’s got us a little confused. 

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Caroline Flack is obviously the host of the popular ITV2 dating show. And a ruddy good one she is, too.

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The TV presenter has always become pretty invested in the highs and lows of the islanders – and in this way, this year is no different. She’s been tweeting along to the show most nights, sharing her opinion on the biggest curveballs (and getting very defensive over the girls. Because, GIRL POWER).

But we’ve been feeling her absence on our screens.

Let’s throwback to last year, when Flackers seemed a lot more involved in the announcement of big twists and the entrance of new islanders.

But this year, it doesn’t seem to have been happening as much.

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In fact, during last night’s shock dumping (we’ll miss you, Malin), the news was delivered by, errr, text message. Never a good way to break that kind of news, is it?

Social media has been quick to point this out, with one eagle-eyed viewer tweeting: ‘Love Island couldn’t even be arsed to get Caroline Flack in to do the dumping, rather drop them a text…’ 

Other confused comments included: ‘So what’s the point of having Caroline Flack present this show? #loveisland’ and ‘Caroline Flack hasn’t really been involved in #loveisland this year, she’s been on it about 3 times…’

Caroline did travel back to the villa to share a huge announcement… 


Caroline definitely made her mark when she told Rachel about Rykard’s dalliance with Olivia. Hashtag awks. 

But, let’s face it, there’s ALWAYS room for a little more Caroline Flack on our telly…