Miley Cyrus’ Mum Disses Her Dress Sense

Miley Cyrus has one mega cool mum.

We’ve always known that any 21-year-old starlet who is known for her getting her rocks off on-stage and genuinely being allergic to clothes must have one pretty liberal set of parents.

But Miley, who has just been nominated for NME’s Villain Of The Year award,’s mum Trish has now proved just how laid back she is about her daughter’s risqué antics by admitting there’s only ONE Miley outfit she hasn’t liked.

In a new interview with E! News, the hands-on mum admitted that while she generally accepts her daughter’s wild ways, there was one particular ensemble that definitely didn’t leave her smiling.

Speaking about the nipple-flashing fishnet dress Miley wore to the iHeartRadioMusic Festival in Vegas, Tish said: ‘That’s the only one I really didn’t like.’ So even the latex hotpants got a tick from Tish? Wow.

Miley’s older sister Brandi then weighed in on nipple-gate. ‘I was there for that,’ she interjected. ‘And there was some tension.’

‘That’s the only time ever,’ Tish continued. ‘Now Miley’s 21, so, you know…’ she laughed. Oh, we certainly do.

If only our mums were so chillaxed!

By Robyn Munson

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