When IS Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie’s Wedding?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had us all fooled into thinking they were getting hitched at the weekend.

The invitations have reportedly been sent, the champagne and food delivered – but when photographers were sent to Brad and Angelina’s £35million estate in the South of France on Saturday, they didn’t get so much as a whiff of a wedding.

Patrick Mareschi, the deputy culture secretary of the nearby village of Correns has now told Reuters they they may not even marry at all. He said: “We don’t know anything about it. Under French law couples have to get married at the town hall. Unlike with a religious wedding, there’s no way a couple can hold a civil ceremony at their own home.”

However, the local mayor has told the Sunday Express that it’s more likely to be next weekend. Make your minds up, guys!

Mickael Latz said: “It’s a far more likely date. There are no plans for a civil wedding in Correns this weekend.”

Thank goodness we didn’t decide to go all the way down there! Hats at the ready, again… RM