What’s Made Holly Willoughby & Emma Bunton Blush?

Holly Willoughby could barely contain her blushes today as she made an appearance at the Edinburgh TV Festival – and her pal Emma Bunton didn’t fare much better. The pair are in Scotland to help Keith Lemon promote his series Celebrity Juice, but as usual, the TV star wasn’t on his best behaviour.

As soon as the cameras started flashing, Keith lifted up his leopard-print kilt to reveal a fetching pair of blue boxers. Mmm. Holly and Emma both put their hands to their eyes, blushed, cringed and turned up their noses, only spurring on Keith to misbehave more.

Earlier today, Holly tweeted: “Oh my…. @lemontwittor breathing last nights alcohol fumes on me in the car! I need an Irn-bru!!!” (sic)

Megalolz. This is the funniest picture we’ve seen in a long time! RM