So What’s *Actually* Going On With CBB’s Chloe Khan?

The former X Factor contestant has confused her fellow housemates AND the viewers at home...

Chloe Khan AKA Chloe Mafia was probably one of the most talked about during the live Celebrity Big Brother entrance show.

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Well, she’s had quite the transformation since her X Factor days, right?

Chloe Mafia Then X Factor

Chloe Mafia auditions for the X Factor in 2010

But the 25-year-old dropped a nugget of information the nobody saw coming. Why? Well, she’s just never mentioned it before.

The housemates were partaking in a cheeky game of Truth Or Dare, and Chloe was dared to smooch Heavy D AKA Colin.

She disappointed the Storage Hunter star by giving him a tame peck on the cheek.

Chloe Khan Heavy D

Even though they’ve been in the house for less than a week, Colin seems to be more than a little smitten with the Celebrity Big Brother lady.

When the group complained that she hadn’t quite smooched him, the mum-of-one explained, ‘I’ve got a fella who’s watching me…’

Of course, nobody should have to kiss anyone if they don’t want.

And if she has got a man at home, that’s even more of a reason to steer clear of lip-locking, even if it is part of a game.

But, her Channel 5 co-stars were all a little confused, claiming that she hasn’t mentioned a ‘fella’ before…

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Heavy D said, ‘She said she was single…’, before admitting to Bear and Renee that he’s got a soft spot for her. Poor Colin.

Admitting that he was upset by the news, he told them, ‘Yeah I am, she said she was single. Why lie? Why would you say you are single when you are not?’

Social media has one theory, and it’s a little mean.

Viewers’ reactions to the boyfriend bomb included: ‘Chloe made up an imaginary boyfriend up so she didn’t have kiss heavy D ????#CBB’ [sic].

And, ‘Chloe fibbed about having a boyfriend because she knows that Heavy D likes her. She’s just not that into you, move on #CBB ?’.

Oh dear.

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Maybe she really has got something going on outside of the house. Or maybe she just didn’t want to kiss Colin.

We’ll be watching this space…