What We Really Thought About ‘Me Before You’

This is a LOOK Advertorial

Every so often there is a film that comes along that is as uplifting, as it is tear jerking, as it is brilliant. And Me Before You is just that.

Just like The Notebook, watching Lou and Will as their lives intertwine and their relationship grows will leave you feeling like anything is possible.

Emilia Clarke shows off her softer side as the lost and yet upbeat Lou, struggling to find her path in life but with a killer zany fashion sense that has us wanting to drag her into the Look fashion cupboard and when she chances upon the advert to become the gorgeous Will’s companion, it’s fate.

Will has no lust for life but Lou might just have too much and together they totally balance each other out. It’s not easy (expect to shed some tears) but we laughed more than we cried

Lets not forget that heart-stopping scene, where will wants to ‘spend one more moment with the girl in the red dress’ – it gave us the same goose bumps as when Joey and Pacey first kissed or when Ali and Noah were caught in the rain.

As if that’s not enough, watch out for a brilliant cameo from Joanna Lumley as well as a touching speech by Brendan Coyle as Lou’s hard-done-by father – just a few more magical moments from the film we’ve talked non-stop about since we left the cinema.

You can trust us when we say this is one love story you will never ever forget and it will melt the hardest, most cynical of hearts.

Take your friends for moral support, bring your mum for a quick hand-squeeze mid-film and don’t forget to take your tissues.

Mostly, just get ready to fall for Me Before You.

Stars 5/5

Me Before You hits cinemas on 3 June

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