*This* Video Aims To Define What Makes A ‘Good Body’

What does a ‘good body’ mean to you?

Buzzfeed has taken to the streets of America to ask just that. And the results are, by and large, pretty heart-warming.

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Participants were handed a whiteboard and a black marker, and asked to draw their perfect body. One girl drew a man, with a very clear six-pack, saying: ‘The most important part to me is good abs.’

Another woman chose to draw another girl, saying ‘I think curvy bodies can be pretty hot’, whilst one of the male participants simply whipped off his own shirt saying ‘you don’t need to draw it’ as he looked straight into the camera.



Got to love the confidence, eh?

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Possibly our favourite response came from a lady that simply drew a grin, stating ‘I’m just going to draw a big smile.’

After the street test, Buzzfeed then spoke to a series of experts and body campaigners, asking them the very same question.

Noelle, a medical doctor, turned directly to the healthy aspect. Natch.

Giving a very well-rounded response, she said that a good body was ‘one that pays equal attention to all aspects of self… Mind, body and spirit.’



In terms of the physical side of things, Noelle listed BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, as measures of a good body, but she was quick to point out that numbers can vary from patient to patient. She pointed out that someone with a lot of muscle, for example, may have a slightly skewed BMI.

So, every body really is different.

Meghan, a body-positive blogger, was very clear about her answer to what makes a good body. She quickly stated: ‘I immediately think all bodies are good bodies.’



She then went on to explain, ‘the idea of waking up everyday and being frustrated or upset or depressed because my body isn’t a ‘good body’, it just seems like such a waste.’

‘A good body is complicated and a good body is flawed.’


Finally, Buzzfeed spoke to Angela, who is a trainer and athlete. She believes that ‘a good body is a strong and healthy body.’



Angela explains that this can mean something different for everyone: ‘A strong, good body has different shapes and sizes… it’s not about the size jeans you are.’

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘every body is beautiful’, and Buzzfeed took this ethos back onto the streets to ask if they agreed. Refreshingly, every single person said YES.

All the experts were in agreement that it’s all about your mindset, and that you should start by loving yourself and your body. 

So. What does a good body mean to you?

By Laura Jane Turner