What Exactly Does Gigi Hadid Have In Her Fridge?

So we all know that Gigi Hadid is a total GODDESS, right?

With a blossoming career, a super cute boyfriend (yup, we’re looking at you, Zayn Malik), a Victoria’s Secret body and hair that just keeps on glowing, she’s fast become one of our girl crushes.

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So, what’s going on in that fridge of hers?

Expectation: Gigi has a super-strict supermodel diet, eating ALL the green vegetables.

Reality: She eats JUST like us.

Talking to SELF, Gigi reveals exactly what’s in her fridge, ‘I always have Evian, soda, orange juice, and lemonade.

‘Then, I have my favourite snacks like salami, chips, hummus, carrots, and fruit.’

YUM, we are getting hungry just thinking about it.

She also gushes, ‘If I don’t have milk and bread and eggs; then, I can’t deal.’

Story of our lives.

When it comes to sweet treats, Gigi is partial to a bowl of either Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops.

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When she’s not working, Gigi said that she likes to spend her days off experimenting in the kitchen. ‘Cooking and art is what grounds me,’ she says. ‘It’s stripping it all back down to the simple things that makes me happy.’

We wonder if she cooks for Zayn?!

So how does Gigi stay fit while living a life on the road? According to her, it’s all down to boxing.



‘When I moved to New York, going to the gym just to be on the treadmill was super boring for me,’ she says. ‘I needed to find something that was exercising my brain. For me, that was boxing, and it became my new sport.’

OK, we are totally looking into boxing classes right now…

By Megan Wiseman