So What *Did* Bear Hand To Saira As She Left The CBB House?

Saira Khan became the second housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. But there was one thing that distracted viewers...

There’s going to be a┬áSaira Khan-shaped hole in the CBB house from now on.

Last night’s live Celebrity Big Brother show saw another eviction, and this time Saira lost the public vote against Heavy D, Lewis Bloor and Stephen Bear.

But there was one thing that eagled-eyed fans – us included – noticed.

Yup. What exactly did Bear hand to Saira as she was about to leave the house? And why did it suddenly disappear when she walked out of those doors?

Had she smuggled it out under her dress? Had it been confiscated by that really tall, scary security guard? We had ALL of the questions.

You get the idea.

Anyway, many appear to have come to the conclusion that it was, in fact, COFFEE.

Bear has been using caffeine to torment his fellow housemates (come on, that ‘cocktail’ is going to go down in history, right?), so it would be fitting that he’d offer a caffeinated parting gift to one of his closest allies in the house…

One tweet read: ‘hahahahahaha as if Bear gave Saira the coffee he’s been hiding what a little s***’

Celebrity Big Brother confirmed it, tweeting from their official account:

And apparently, she’d decided to leave it just inside the door.

Mystery SOLVED.

Oh, what a scamp.